No matter what, the majority of female entrepreneurs in India want a few things to keep going:

  1. Up-to-date Matter on Social Media;
  2. Affiliate Marketing Leads;
  3. Strategical Content Creation (Video, Image & Text) & Marketing;
  4. Effective Blog Writing & Web Network to Drive Traffic;
  5. Product & Firm Branding; and
  6. Unexpected Followings and Comments

Overall business growth & Increasing sales would ultimately lead to Brand Reputation and Revenue for sure.

Before you know how a female turns into an entrepreneur proudly get to know the short history of women entrepreneurs Before.


  • No Equivalency: Discrimination from men’s standard (especially in South-Asia) in the matters of Status, Education, Career, and Ethics denying the fact; that all were the barriers for women to grow their home-based business from local to stages beyond.
  • Less Qualification: Less-educated women had certain limits to working locally as she has less knowledge in Planning, Management, Implementation, Marketing, and Expansion of the business.
  • Less Skilled to No Experience: Ladies before had no technical skills, communication skills, or leadership skills which caused less experience or no experience counted to some extent.
  • Tough Time: Tough to handle and organize due to less investment, less time, no social support, no encouragement, and no recommendations at all made it difficult.
  • Less Profit No Reputation: Low Branding to Lower Sales Rate taking further to Low Sales and Profit Vice versa.


  • Equivalency – Still Struggle & Low Confidence: In this era very few women are successful, as we know the majority of female entrepreneurs still struggle and are die-hard to earn a good profit. Fortunately, the discrimination level has been extremely brought down. Women now are independent by every means of Status, Education, Career Development, Liberty, and Ethics. Barriers now are restricted from restricting women’s way. The most embarrassing issue is that nevertheless discrimination has been reduced but women lack in taking and gaining the advantage of being independent by all means of possibilities. Two of the reasons would be Putting Less Effort and Low Confidence in Defeating Competitors.
  • Qualification – Less Utilised: Even though females are literate but not all make appropriate utilization of the educational resources they have got. Most of them spend it just putting extreme unnecessary effort in the wrong direction and then keep their fingers crossed waiting for leads. This dangerous strategy would eat up crucial Time & Energy lowering your faith in yourself and eventually letting you give up!
  • Skilled But Less Promoted — Experience: You have got a good enough experience and skillful nature with no boost-up format, which is of no use. Creative Skills are more about revealing, unless talent is promoted digitally driving the attention of thousands, it remains less valuable.
  • Possibilities Possible To Some Extent: Possibilities are possible now to manage finances, improvising on encouragement, time management, Moderate social support, Few recommendations. More-where it’s likely difficult for women entrepreneurs to make a huge investment in the cases of properties, new ventures, self-planned online projects, lavish lifestyles, and more. Every hassle has a reason behind it, you all need to analyze and find it out. For sure this would be somewhere in the way you do marketing opting for improper methods and channels.
  • Moderate Profit Moderate Reputation: Less or Semi Branding to Average Sales Rate taking further to Moderate Sales and Average Profit. This is the period where a person can opt for all possible digital channels to INCREASE SALES, BRANDING, AND ENHANCE REPUTATION.

What to change? Change the marketing tactics that aren’t growing your business.

Concentrate on the below-mentioned points:

  • Take an advantage of being equivalent to men. Before you make any crucial decision in business enhance your qualitative effort by strengthening confidence within. Never utilize time for matters that don’t generate money or an audience.
  • Utilize the qualification you got to prove yourself, if that isn’t enough try learning skills and techniques benefiting your career. It’s not about being pompous and showing off the degree but using knowledge in daily business activities.
  • If you are a creative personality reveal your thoughts, innovations, and plans to the audience through social networking sites and blogs. This would assist you in getting attention, + & – suggestions, and increase confidence to accomplish the matter.
  • Setting scheduled goals is one of the effective marketing strategies that would stand out without a doubt. Make it written somewhere on Sticky notes, mobile phone, or whiteboard of your office /home; this keeps on encouraging and motivating you and your team to accomplish targeting matter within the deadlines.
  • Deal up with hassles that are pulling and stopping you to become a winner. The sure resolution to this would be somewhere in the marketing technique and channel you use. A gradual improvement would lead to investing in the matter of properties, new ventures, self-planned online projects, lavish lifestyles, and more. Switch t a digital one instead beginning with split testing.

Following mentioned points suggest you find out the potential within yourself so that you can see if make crucial changes in the style you market the business.


1. Why are Female Entrepreneurs growing business rapidly?

Potential women are intellectually growing businesses to a multinational level due to online business, video & affiliate marketing, schedule advertising, blogging, and creating a forum. Women now are so efficient that they put on more effort digitally to enhance the products they sell and the brand they market.

For instance, if you are a Housewife or a Part-Time Professional, and have the lowest budget to invest in the market.

Make an Initial Investment of $ 80-$100 (INR 5000-7000)

Make Monthly Investment for about $10-$40 (INR 700-2500)

Further, Opt for valuable marketing channels:

  1. Social Media Account Set-Up, Posting & Social Activities
  2. Schedule Google Ad
  3. Blogging
  4. Video & Document Marketing


  • Equivalency – No Struggle
  • Qualification – Utilised with accomplished education
  • Skilled & promoted — Better experience and skills would promote women standardizing superior to men
  • Can manage a business with great ease, more investment opportunities, proper time management, strong social support, and unexpected recommendations

2. How will Female Entrepreneurs succeed in raising equivalent standards as men?

Opting for a complete marketing ship:

  1. Digital Marketing (with Extreme good presence)
  2. Traditional marketing
  3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Most Effective Marketing:

Digital Marketing and TV Commercials inclusive of: –

  • Social Media
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Display
  • Video
  • Content
  • Analytics

Ladies Go Step-Wise:

A sequence is a 1st matter that goes in order, assisting you out in the journey of Succession.

  • Create a website [Whether you are a professional, do a job (Full or Part-time), or Work from Home]
  • Optimize site for SEO
  • Submit sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Join Social Networking Platforms
  • Create Own Blog
  • Submit to Directories
  • Add up to Google My Business
  • Create a Video
  • Add Products To Amazon, eBay, etc. (Affiliate Marketing)

Do Always:

  • Keep updating the website and altering designs
  • Update Social description and details
  • Keep Posting, Twitting, Pinning, Adding, or Uploading Videos
  • Creating Fresh Text and Image Content Every Week for good responses from audience and customers; And driving more traffic to a website
  • Place schedule ads on Facebook and Google
  • Keep launching fresh opportunities and strategies to drive maximum traffic
  • Keep analyzing campaign and organic web performance on Analytics
  • Keep setting periodical goals
  • Keep tracking Customer Behaviour, Goals, and Conversions
  • Timely response to customers and quest queries resolving issues

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