Sometimes it might seem difficult to develop a site or create pages, plus its appearance is similar to the Demo Theme. This is because of the 2 reasons that are your ignorance towards the additional feature option of ‘Demo Importer’ within the admin panel, And Non-purchase of the Ready ‘Install & Set-Up’ Theme.

How To Get WordPress Theme Ready To Use::- Some of the best theme selling portals provide extra-ordinary features within the theme as:

  1. HD-Like Superior Quality (High Resolution)
  2. Well Documentation
  3. Compatible With All Types Of Recognized Browsers & Devices
  4. Widget Ready
  5. Files Inclusion (PSD, PHP, CSS & JS)
  6. Responsive Layout
  7. Visual Composure (Additional)
  8. Demo Importing Feature (Additional)

The last feature ‘Demo Importer’ is rare in all types of WordPress themes. Description of theme on sale describes inclusions shortly. Casually not taking Importing feature into consideration, even though the feature is available inside. Certain well-known theme sellers’ markets like Envato Market frequently provide the best of best themes with unique features. Higher rates of the theme itself say the superiority and excellent inclusion of features inside the theme. As everyone knows cheap rate themes have fewer features and resolutions.

Once you buy a theme on portal at the best price look into what additional surprises it has to make our website development easier. If you have very less time to manage, create, upload, and develop a new website but even want an impressive look like the same as the demo theme, here is the guidance:

A. Demo Importer

B. Install & Setup

Before we go through both setting methods let’s have a quick glimpse over the procedure to upload the theme file (zip. file) after download.

Demo Importer (Step-wise Guidance To Get Ready-made Theme)Demo importer feature helps you create a website in less time without much structuring, designing, and managing content.

  1. Purchase theme (after signing up or logging in – e.g. in
  2. Read what additional supportive things you see in your account.
  3. Go to Purchases or History or Downloads – This will show you the list of themes you purchased.
  4. You’ll see 2 options ‘Download’ and ‘Install & Setup’ next to the theme you just bought.
  5. Click on ‘Download’ or another option like ‘Installable WordPress File Only’ may arise in the drop-down list click on it. The file will be saved in the ‘Downloads’ by default or wherever you save it.
  6. Complete the process of uploading the theme, and installing and activating it in the WordPress admin panel.
  7. After successful activation of the theme, Go To –> ‘Theme Options’ in the left menu either at the bottom left or inside the Appearance as a sub-option.
  8. **Theme Options – Go To –> ‘Demo Importer’ –> Click Button ‘Import’ –> Import Successful.
  9. **Everything is Done!!! Now check your website live, it will look the same as Demo.
  10. **Further Changes – Quickly make changes like uploading your Logo, Change Text, Images, or Widgets (if you want), changing your Contact Address, Contact No, Social Links, Products & Services You Offer. So that your impressive and responsive website would be ready to serve.

NOTE 1: If Import Fails –> Click on ‘Reset All’. this will vanish any changes in a theme that you made after activation of the site.

NOTE 2: Import is possible only in the case of the newly activated theme. Making excess changes in theme design, posts, pages, widgets, and plugins will lead to the failure of Importing process. For this, you may either Go To –> ‘Reset Section’ or ‘Reset All’ to make the site appear as of demo look.

NOTE 3: Some theme sellers provide the free option of ‘Importing Demo’ and some charge separate costs.

**NOTE 4: If your admin panel doesn’t have the ‘Demo Import’ feature, try the second option ‘B’ shown below.

Learn the 2nd method of ‘How To Get WordPress Theme Ready To Use’

B. Install & Setup (Step-wise Guidance To Get Ready-made Theme – Paid Service)

  1. Purchase theme (on sign up or log in – e.g. for
  2. Read what additional supportive things you see in the account.
  3. Go to Purchases or History or Downloads – This will show the list of themes you bought.
  4. You’ll see 2 options ‘Download’ and ‘Install & Setup’ next to the theme you purchased (else Click on the theme you purchased, and both options would be visible there)
  5. Click On ‘Install & Setup’ – Remember not all theme sellers provide this feature for free, there may charge a particular cost for direct Install & Setup of the theme.
  6. If Paid Option – Make payment and get the quick setup post-installation.

Developers / Beginners who want to develop a responsive site with extra-ordinary features in less may opt for any of the above two options ‘A’ or ‘B’ for free or paid service is offered by the theme seller.

Learning How To Get WordPress Theme Ready To Use would be helpful for WordPress Beginners.

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