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Selling online is not a big hassle now! Still, newbies find it difficult to start up an online store with buoyancy. If you have surely planned to commence an online store then let us appreciate you first. If you are on this blog page, that means you are curious to know how to sell digital products online.

Let us ask you about the website’s existence, whether you own a domain & store or just beginning from scratch.

If you already got a Domain & Online Store then roll to the next scroll.

If you don’t have a Domain & Online Store


Buy a Domain & Hosting Plan

  • Budget
  • Decide Niche & Unique Domain for same
  • Trustable Host Provider

Note: Get a Domain & Host from the same service provider. It doesn’t matter if you get those from two different platforms. So here you only have to point the domain to the hosting service provider. And same can be done by changing DNS (Domain Name Server) from Domain settings. In case you find the technical process difficult, then get the help of a WP developer or contact the support team of Domain SP.

Build a Website (Install WordPress or Similar Available Application) – HOW TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLINE

Installing a website building platform or application is the crucial activity of building a site. Don’t mess it up here! This is the step where you would be deciding on the right web building platform.

WordPress is the only recommended one that comes with enhanced plugins.

Select Free Theme Or Buy Your Favourite E-Commerce Theme – HOW TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLINE

You’ve got to see various free theme options once you install WordPress or a Similar one-click application. Or buy a qualitative responsive theme for the online store. Buying an E-Commerce theme ain’t mandatory. You can convert any simple theme into an online store with the WooCommerce plugin. One of the easiest ways to get an ‘All-Ready Theme’ is to Import a Demo. Structuring modules, pages, and widgets are a time-consumable task. Instead of wasting hours in development learn How To Get WordPress Theme Ready To Use. This would make the website ready in minutes. You only need to alter the text content and images (optional).


You may find several plugins and add-ons similar to WooCommerce on WP. Don’t get jumbled! Know in detail about the plugin before installing it in excitement. As you are not dealing with physical or tangible products let any plugin run your store. Getting the accurate store plugin matters a lot. This is because the selected plugin must have an option for ‘Downloadable’ items. Every Downloadable feature comes with a ‘File Upload’ option for the digital item you want to sell. This feature is more important than the appearance of the store. Your customer trusts, Pays, and Downloads a file expecting to get what he wants. Don’t let the circumstance make it unfortunate if unknowingly you skip such fields. The precise WooCommerce plugin is made available by ‘Automattic‘ on WP.


Rather than a Music file warp up every file into a single zip. file. For instance, the product is website ‘Theme’ then accumulates all related files of the same theme in a single zip. file. This would make it easy for a customer to download a bunch of a theme inclusive of related significant files. Music files can be uploaded in-direct without wrapping. Whereas same would be in the case of Free images, Wallpaper, Stock Photo & Icons.


  1. Give a final inspection of the Theme or App file ensuring no conflicts. (Note: Never re-sell other’s themes or Applications)
  2. Integrate installation assistance and Customer Support within.
  3. Go to — Products (In WooCommerce) — Add New
  4. Add Name of Product To Display
  5. Describe ‘Theme’ or ‘App’ in detail to encourage users in making the purchase (Don’t forget to mention Features, Usage, Quality, Tools, Advantages, Customer Assistance & Update Details)
  6. Scroll down to ‘Product Data’ – Keep it ‘Simple Product’
  7. Check ✔ Downloadable (This feature needs to be mandated and set for Digital Items)
  8. Set Regular and Sales Price ensuring Sales Price lesser than Regular one
  9. ‘Add File’ (In Downloadable Files Section) – It is one of the core steps, uploads the zip. the file that you want to sell. You may upload a zip. file from Media and copy the URL here instead of re-uploading. Specify a file name.
  10. Set ‘Download Limit’ – Consider, that the product has a download limit of 20. The buyer has the authority to repeatedly download the same item 20 times in total. Leave blank if authorized for unlimited downloads.
  11. Set ‘Download Expiry’
  12. ‘Inventory’ doesn’t matter as Digital Items are available for downloads repeatedly without maintaining stock
  13. Shipping, Linked Products, Attributes, and Advance Settings are optional

Selling Stock Photos, Images, Icons, Wallpapers, Templates, or Infographics

Adding Digital Product process would remain the same. Themes, Apps, Music, and E-books are the items that can be sold without setting ‘Watermark’. This is because the original file is stored in-depth that can be extracted only when purchased. Several items such as Images, Icons, Wallpaper, Vector Files, or Infographics are sensitive and transparent by nature. These files can be easily downloaded, saved, or snapshotted if seen without Watermark. The seller has to be careful while uploading Display Image & Downloadable File. Understand the difference between ‘Downloadable File’ (original file that you want to sell) and ‘Display Image’ (same file only for display with the watermark over). ‘Display Image’ can also be called ‘Featured Image.

Do Follow: – 
Do Follow: – 
  1. Make certain, that the digital product you are selling is created by you or your team. Follow the global copyright guidance before re-selling other’s digital items.
  2. Create your brand to sell desired items. No matter whether you are a Freelancer. Maintain high quality at reasonable pricing.
  3. Make an additional ‘Display Image’ for each product file. Files whether Images, Icons, designs, or Stock photos must have a unique display image. Display image should be of a moderate size e.g. 512 x 512 for Icon. Set your desired watermark over the ‘Display Image’.
  4. Add New Product in WooCommerce
  5. Add Name of Digital Product to display
  6. Describe your Digital Product in detail
  7. Scroll down to ‘Product Data’ – Select ‘Simple Product’
  8. Check Downloadable (it is set for Digital Items)
  9. Set Sales Price lesser than Regular
  10. In Downloadable Files ‘Add File’ – It is the crucial step to upload the original Image File or zip. a file that you want to sell. Specify the file name for sure.
  11. ‘Download Limit’ setting – Suppose, a product has a download limit of 15. Purchaser has the authority to consistently download the same item 15 times whenever required. Leave blank for unlimited downloads.
  12. Set the ‘Download Expiry’ field. Set duration of 30, 60, 90 days, or 6 Months. Leave black to terminate expiry.
  13. Maintain stock and Link Products only if required

Sell Music or Videos

How to sell digital products online like Music, Videos, After Effects, and Illustrations

  1. Keep music or video files in a separate folder (on the computer). Ensure the Copyright, Crystal Clear Audio Quality. And HD or 4K Video Quality
  2. Set Logo or Artist Cover Image of each Music file.
  3. Set Caption or Overlay of your brand logo & name over each video. This would guarantee the legitimacy of your product
  4. Add Music or Video file to WooCommerce in sequence
  5. Write a detailed description (Composer, Producer, Artists, Director and Media Partner)
  6. Set Product Data to ‘Simple’
  7. Set to Downloadable for a digital item
  8. Keep the Regular Price a little higher than the Sales Price
  9. Upload Music or Video files of any format. You can copy and paste the file’s URL if already saved in Media Library. Note: Make a separate zip file if your product has an album or more than one files
  10. Set Downloads and Expiry limit

Sell Music on other stores viz. iTunes, Google, Amazon, and more.

If You Selling E-books, PDF documents, or Any Digital Downloads

  • Convert your book’s word format into PDF
  • Check sub-topic, relevant image content, and rich media. Check spellings, grammar, and quality of content.
  • Set Cover Image to attract visitors
  • Add your brand logo & Author’s name
  • Make your content copyright
  • Write E-book’s description in detail
  • Product Data to ‘Simple’
  • Check the Downloadable field for E-book or PDF file
  • Keep Regular Price higher than Sales Price
  • Upload PDF or Zip file. Copy and paste the file’s URL if saved in Media Library.
  • Set Downloads limit and Expiry limit of E-book or PDF files.

Selling Courses & Training Videos

Courses can be sold in two ways:

a. Live Online Classes and Training

b. Video Courses and Training (Paid Video Courses)

Live Online Classes don’t require any file to sell or download. It can be listed to enroll, pay a fee or register for membership. It requires a suitable time to attend classes online. Live online courses are rarely preferable globally due to time differences.

Video Courses are much better comparatively. Users can register or be guests to get a trial video course. Candidates can easily register to get access to all or limited training videos. Some recognized online institutes and trainers organize Post-course Exams. Hence, provide a certificate of excellence. These online courses result helpful because they can be watched repeatedly. Professional trainers provide excellent personal support. Queries can be resolved through email, forums, social media, or webinars. Users can place a request to provide videos in detail on relevant topics. The expertise of trainers makes their paid video courses more of worth. Here are steps to understand how to sell digital products online. Products such as Paid Video Courses:

  1. Create a video on a particular topic e.g. ‘How To Improve Alexa Ranking’
  2. Set an appealing video title e.g. ‘How To Improve Alexa Ranking – 3 Sessions Course’
  3. Explain all course relevant points within sessions
  4. Upload video file in WooCommerce plugin in ‘Add Product’
  5. Set it ‘Downloadable’
  6. ‘Simple’ product data type
  7. Describe the course in the description
  8. Insert Video Course Fee
  9. Upload video file giving a file name
  • Set the Regular price higher than the Sales Price
  • Sales Price is the Paid Video Course Fee
  • Description: Add Syllabus, Duration, Certification, Trainer’s Name, Course, and more details
  • Leave Download and Expiry limits empty  

So you have already chosen a digital product to sell. Follow effective methods on how to sell digital products online.

Optimize Each Product For SEO

SEO is the imperative stage to sell your matter organically without advertisement. Optimize every product for Search Engines to let items appear in search results. Install the ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin by ‘Team Yoast‘. Configure basic settings. Yoast is one of the most recommended SEO plugins. Bloggers, marketers, analysts, and strategists suggest it. Every Product has to get optimized. No matter what your digital product is. Best SEO Strategies.

Integrate Payment Gateway

To receive money it is necessary to incorporate a payment gateway. The payment gateway is normally linked to our Bank Account and Website System. It makes the transaction process easier and quicker. Some of the globally accepted gateways are:

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. WorldPay
  4. Authorize.Net
  5. Brain Tree
Some of the Popular Indian Payment Gateways are:
  1. PayUmoney
  2. CCAvenue
  3. Paytm
  4. Phone pay
  5. Google Pay

Businesses here prefer the first option viz. PayUmoney. This payment solution comes with services for firms registered and non-registered as well.

Submit Digital Products To Facenob

Earn 80% On E-Book & Infographics Sales

Earn 75% On photos, Wallpapers, Icons, Themes, Templates & Design Sales

Share On Social Media

Wait for what? In no time share your newly launched digital products on social media. Get social media optimization done as well. Share links or posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+, and LinkedIn. Do mention your product listing on SlideShare with its features.

The audience would engage with posts. Further users would navigate to the product link to make the purchase. Here term definite is possible only when the user finds it interesting and worth it.

Make a Creative Video 

  • For Music or Video Product: Create a Teaser video with highlights of the digital product
  • E-Book Launch: Create an infographic video to let its targeted users buy it
  • Stock Photo, Icon, and Vector Images: Promote digital products on YouTube
  • Themes: Create a tutorial showing how to use and implement the theme
  • For Apps: Make a video showing how to use the app and its features
Upload Digital Products On Other Exclusive Platforms

Affiliate marketing is a must. Here are some platforms to increase sales:

  1. Theme Forest – For Themes and Templates
  2. Shutter Stock – For Stock Photos
  3. Flat Icon – For Icons and Illustrators
  4. Freepik – For Images and Photos
  5. Icon Finder – For Icons, PNG Images, and More
  6. Amazon Kindle – E-books Selling (To be sold on Amazon Only, not on other sites)
  7. Udemy – Digital Courses

Note: These platforms are extremely strict about the quality of files. They may accept you as a contributor in the first attempt. Or reject you several times unless they see an ultimate improvisation in your product.


Follow the guidelines of respective marketing portals. Knowing how to sell digital products online isn’t enough. Read out the terms and conditions before Uploading products. Focus more on digital stores and optimize each product. For instant sales create PPC ads in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. – Facenob



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