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Podcast Marketing: How to Expand Your Audience. Part B

Podcast Marketing

Convert audio into blog posts by transcribing it.

If you have an audio recording, transcribing it into text can help you generate more accessible material. Podcasting is a great way to spread your ideas, but until people discover your material using search engines like Google or Bing, they won’t know about it. So, if you can develop a blog article based on your podcast and promote it on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, it will go a long way toward helping fans find your program.

Request that listeners provide good feedback.

When you deliver a podcast episode, it’s critical to engage your listeners in spreading the word about your program. Asking people to evaluate your program on iTunes or Google Play is an important part of this. This may be accomplished by sending emails with links to the review page, where they can rate your podcast and write a few words about it.

Had a dedicated podcast landing page on site.

A podcast landing page is where you inform your listeners about new content and invite them to subscribe. It is significant since it will assist you in increasing downloads and keeping your audience engaged with your material. Your landing page should be a high-quality, professional-looking space where you can gather leads and encourage listeners to subscribe. It should also be simple to locate since it will be the first impression viewers receive of your program.

Connect with developers and designers if you need assistance establishing a landing page (or a new website entirely). Several fantastic organizations provide a broad variety of services, from ASO services in India to WordPress development. Speak with them and have a fantastic page for your podcast ready.

Hold competitions to keep listeners interested.

Listeners will desire more material from you after they get addicted to your podcast. Contests are a great way for podcasts to engage their audience and get them enthusiastic about the upcoming episode or perhaps life in general! You may organize weekly or monthly competitions to interact with your fans and urge them to tune in every week.

Upload a video podcast to YouTube.

Make sure to record the video as well as the podcast episodes. You may then use this video on YouTube to expand your reach even more. When listening to podcasts, many individuals prefer images. These films may appeal to such listeners, increasing engagement.

End each episode with a compelling and timely call to action.

Your podcast should contain a call to action after each episode (CTA). This might be for a particular show subject or something related to your organization’s broader brand messaging. The CTA should be relevant to the audience while still being simple enough for everyone in the world to comprehend and respond to.

Experiment with different podcast lengths.

If you’re new to podcasting, it might be tough to determine what length is optimal for your material. A reasonable rule of thumb is, to begin with, a 10-minute episode and gradually increase in length. The beautiful thing about podcasts is that they’re simple to edit, so it’s simple to cut a too lengthy episode. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for large episodes, consider dividing them up into small chunks. Aside from that, try various lengths to find which one works best.

Mention prior episodes of your podcast.

When advertising your most recent episode, be sure to include past episodes as well. This will encourage people to learn more about your work and keep them listening in the future. Try connecting to all of your most popular episodes; this can help you climb the ranks on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms!

Create a following for your podcast.

Building a community around your podcast is one of the most crucial tasks in podcast marketing. A community is made up of listeners who have a shared interest or purpose and are friendly with one another. You can naturally grow this community by offering outstanding material, connecting with your listeners, and giving them added value.

Create a newsletter for your listeners.

You may send a weekly or biweekly email to your listeners if you have a mailing list. This is a wonderful method to keep them updated on your activities while also creating trust with them. It also allows you to ask questions, provide discount deals, and even give free additional stuff on occasion. Then, of course, a newsletter is the most dependable approach to notify your listeners about newly-published episodes.

Tease episodes before they are published.

If you have a newsletter, you should send out previews of forthcoming episodes regularly, even if it’s just one or two bits from each episode at first. This allows your subscribers to get excited about upcoming episodes and develop anticipation for their release. You may also use social media to tease forthcoming episodes. Create a buzz that will lead to more downloads or listens shortly after you launch your episode.

Encourage listeners to give their thoughts.

Inviting your audience to share your podcast is an excellent way to spread the word about it. It also aids in the development of a listening community, which may subsequently help others find your program. So, please encourage your listeners to share the episodes with their friends and colleagues. You may also invite your audience to share your material with their network through social media platforms and email. A lovely and easy suggestion like this now and then may go a long way toward attracting new listeners.


These are some helpful hints for expanding your podcast audience. As previously said, Audio marketing is difficult; therefore, gaining more listeners will take time. However, if you are consistent and provide high-quality audio material throughout, you may expand your podcast and attract more attention to your items, thereby boosting sales. Again, if you want assistance, contact a top digital marketing Company and ask for their advice.

So, if you haven’t already, start a podcast and move confidently towards a future when audio content outnumbers all other forms of content.

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