Why You Should Build an Email list

These are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Build an Email list (Blog Subscriber)

Let’s Understand First What is an Email List?

An email list is a collection of your blog readers’ names and email addresses. As a result, an email list is just a list of persons who:

  • Subscribed to your blog website to stay updated.
  • Purchased any of your products and services and opted-in for any future updates.
  • Opted-in to receive a freebie or giveaway in the form of a sample, course, e-book, etc.

You have their permission to send them emails about new blog articles, updates, newsletters, company announcements, or promotions for your goods and services. So Let’s Start.

1. Content that is personalized and targeted

Nobody will be interested in reading an email that has nothing to do with them. Email marketing allows you to divide your subscribers into separate lists depending on their preferences.

This allows you to send customized emails to just targeted or segmented consumers. Only with an email list can you deliver the proper subject lines, relevant photos, and well-crafted meaningful content to your audience.

You may quickly segment the email list and tailor the emails using the available marketing tools.

2. Increase your credibility

It is understandable that when you get emails from an unknown sender, you may become upset and choose not to read the email. You will also unsubscribe from the list.

However, if you get an email from someone to whom you have subscribed, you will undoubtedly click and open it. When you subscribe, the email will be sent to your inbox rather than the spam folder. As a result, email lists increase trust and increase the likelihood of an email being clicked on.

3. Enhance Brand Recognition

Every business or blogger may brand their emails using email marketing. By delivering quality information to your audience, you may increase brand awareness. People will wait for your emails and identify your businesses if they routinely get quality material through email.

Emails may be used to solicit valuable feedback about your brand. You may start a social media survey, poll, or conversation. When the audience engages in the process, you will learn precisely what material they want to see in your emails.

4. Increase Sales

An email list may help your sales in a variety of ways. According to Direct Marketing Association research, approximately 66% of customers have made an online purchase based on email marketing communication.

You can sell items, increase referrals, generate new purchases from current customers, and re-engage clients who have not bought from you in a while if you have an email list. When the reader receives the essential information in the form of an email, they are more inclined to take action.

5. Establish Strong Customer Relationships

A properly segmented email list may aid in the development of strong client connections by delivering information straight to their inbox regularly. When a reader receives excellent suggestions, birthday gift vouchers, discount offers, and so on, they will undoubtedly assist you in developing a solid connection with them.

They will gradually seek more information about your goods and services and eventually purchase them.

6. Email marketing provides a high return on investment

People usually flock to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for example, when they anticipate a strong return on investment. They are famous sites that may easily target your prospective clients. Nonetheless, email marketing has the best ROI when compared to other media. It is twice as effective as other forms of digital marketing.

7. Your email list is a valuable asset to your company

It may seem little at first, but after you have a decent-sized list, it will be a valuable asset to your company. Even if you have a large social media following, it is not as effective as an email list. Building a social media following is similar to constructing a home on leased property. The land is not yours, and it may be taken away at any time. Consider TikTok or Google+ as examples.

However, an email list is your asset, and with email marketing, you have control over it as well as the option to utilize it most effectively.

8. It saves you both time and money

Every company owner cannot afford paid advertising on Facebook or Google. When you have an email list, you will save money and time on marketing.

The cost of email marketing is inexpensive. Email marketing may be set to run on autopilot when the time comes. To obtain better answers, email marketing solutions like GetResponse and Converkit include capabilities that allow you to segment, tailor, and schedule your communications.

9. Analysis of the Report and Desired Action

You may view a report of clients reading your emails when you use email marketing. When they recognize the sender, they will choose whether to open or disregard the message, and a high open rate implies that the viewers are familiar with your brand and want to read the material.

The next study is of the click-through rate (CTR), which tells you how many consumers read your email and click on the links inside. Once a subscriber has opened your email, your next aim should be to give them the appropriate call to action. So an email list enables you to assess the information and then take the appropriate action.

10. Increased Website Traffic

Email lists may help you drive more visitors to your website. You may generate visitors to your website through email marketing. It is beneficial to every kind of business, including eCommerce, product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and retail stores. When your website receives more traffic, you will undoubtedly get more leads and sales.


You’ve probably realized how important it is to establish an email list. It makes no difference what kind of company you have or what sector you are in. If you have a website and want to convert visitors into customers or repeat customers, you must have them sign up for your email list. If you like this article, then share it with those in need. ThankYou.

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